Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, and you don’t have to face gambling addiction alone.

Gambling Addiction

At, we recognize the excitement that online gambling offers. However, we are also aware of the potential risks and are committed to promoting responsible gambling. This page is dedicated to raising awareness about gambling addiction and providing essential support for those in need.

Recognizing the Risks

Gambling addiction, often referred to as compulsive gambling, can have profound effects on individuals and their families. It is important to understand that gambling should not be seen as a way to earn an income or solve financial problems. Indicators of a gambling problem can include an inability to control gambling behavior, constant thoughts about gambling, chasing losses, neglecting personal or professional responsibilities, financial strain caused by gambling, and distress when attempting to cut down or quit gambling.

Support Organizations in India

In India, there are several organizations that offer assistance and resources to those dealing with gambling addiction:

Gamblers Anonymous India

Provides a supportive community for those struggling with gambling addiction. They offer regular meetings and a platform to share experiences and seek help.

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Hope Trust India

Offers therapy and counseling services for various addictions, including gambling. They provide a confidential environment to discuss issues and develop coping strategies.

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Based in Bangalore, NIMHANS (National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences) includes a specialized service for addiction management, including gambling addiction. They offer comprehensive care including assessment, counseling, and therapy.

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Vandrevala Foundation

A mental health organization that provides a helpline for various mental health issues, including addiction. Their team offers counseling and guidance for those struggling with gambling problems.

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